Best Grease For Slip Yoke

Best Grease For Slip Yoke What lasts the longest and is the best grease for greasing the slip yoke and getting rid of the dreaded clunk. Antiseize, moly grease, or just a multipurpose grease Any details are nice as well. Good Luck Top compared Best Grease for Slip Yoke are: 1. Valvoline SynPower Synthetic Automotive Grease 2. Ford Fluid XG8A PTFE Lubricant 3. Ford Fluid XG 8 PTFE Lubricant 4. General Motors GM Fluid 19257121 5. Chrysler 5083149AA Wheel Bearing Grease. What kind of grease do you guys use to grease the slip yoke on the driveshaft It seemed to work well in my 01 Tahoe. It even matched the Autotrac II fluid in color. I couldn't find the slip yoke in my Hayne's manual. Can someone briefly describe where this is at and how much time you think it would take to drop the driveline, grease, and reassemble Thanks in advance. Well, after finishing installing my new limited slip I dropped my driveshaft to try a different slip yoke grease. Picked up Ford 9L3Z4W602A on eb